We connect job seekers with employers.

Opportunities for Employment (OFE) offers free employment services designed to connect job seekers and employers to create long term, sustainable matches and grow our local labour market.

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OFE Action Plan

OFE has a proven process that will minimize the amount of time you are unemployed.


We begin the process by getting to know you, your experiences, skill set and employment goals.


OFE offers programs, workshops and one-on-one services to ensure you have everything you need to meet your job goal.


Meet employers with in-demand jobs through forums, networking, mentorships and special events.  Connect with employers on-site at OFE and fast track your job search.

The Right Place For You

Making a difference

Average Days to Employment

On average, OFE job seekers find work in less than 50 days.

Years of History

We have been helping people find meaningful employment for over 25 years!

Active Employers

Over 2000 OFE job seekers find employment each year and you can be next!


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