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Enhancing employment services through the development and assessment of Skills for Success training

What are Skills for Success?

Skills for Success are the skills, identified by Employment and Social Development Canada, needed to participate and thrive in learning, work and life. By enhancing these skills, we can attain and retain employment, grow in our job, and partake in continuous learning. Employees with high Skills for Success levels demonstrate effective job performance, experience fewer workplace injuries, develop meaningful relationships, and resolve conflicts in a calm manner.

Employment Preparation Online Courses

As an output of a research study, under The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), OFE produced six online workplace preparation courses, which are designed to increase sector-specific Skills for Success, in the area of work readiness, in one of five in-demand sectors.

Access to these courses is available for free for employment service providers to share with their job seekers.

The Employment Preparation Online Courses focus on the following six Skills for Success:

The courses review the importance of each skill, its typical applications in the workplace, and strategies for improvement. Participants will also practice demonstrating each skill through a series of interactive activities.

The courses are offered in a general format or you can choose to enhance these skills in a specific sector / occupational field. Each course is designed to be completed within 10 to 15 hours.

A sample module from each sector are available by clicking on the images/sectors below:

Are you a service provider interested in using the Employment Preparation Online Courses?

This online course can be accessed for free by not-for-profit service providers to use with their clients. An Administrator’s Guide is available along with links to the digital course materials. To find out more, please contact us. (Please see technology requirements below).

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Technology Requirements

The online course has been created using the platform Articulate 360. If the course is offered in a self-study format, it is recommended that the course is uploaded to a Learning Management System (LMS).

The course can be exported as a Zip file to be used with Articulate - Rise 360 or can be uploaded to your LMS as long as your LMS is compatible with Articulate/Rise 360, which supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI, cmi5.

Check with your LMS administrator to see what is required.