Job Highlights

At the time this article was written, OFE had 149 active job leads from our Employer Partners in the following sectors: Customer Service, Health Services, and Manufacturing and Production.

OFE’s Employer Liaisons work hard to connect participants directly to the job. Part of their work involves finding hidden job leads, which are positions that may not get advertised and might only be found through a network.

Below is a glimpse of what’s currently available. If these interest you or if you want to know more about other hidden job leads, talk to your Employment Consultant! They’ll make sure:

You understand the position’s tasks and requirements
You’re the right fit for the position and employer
You have all the tools you need to apply

Now onto the job leads!

Position: Inbound Customer Service Representatives
Number of openings in this sector: 28

Company Highlights:
Intentionally engages with and enriches our community
Passionate culture committed to excellence
Positions allow you to work from home
Various shifts available to best suit your lifestyle 

2+years of customer service experience
Comfortable using computers
Confident talking on the phone, emailing and using chat to speak with clients
Strong internet connection
A quiet space to work

Position: Warehouse Labourers
Number of openings in this sector: 12+

Company Highlights:
Hires diversely and tries to accommodate various skill levels and experiences
Committed to providing fresh, high quality products and superior delivery and customer service
Promotes recycling to ensure safe and healthy communities 

Good attention to detail and critical thinking skills
Physically able to stand for 8 hours a day
Able to lift and maneuver objects weighing a minimum of 25lbs (12kgs)
Able to read, use and understand standard and metric measuring devices

Position: Production Worker
Number of openings in this sector: 35+

Company Highlights:
Sustainable, forward-thinking company
Strong, values-based culture where employees are engaged in work that is purposeful
Various shifts available to accommodate every schedule 

Proven ability to be reliable and punctual
Comfortable working in a cold environment
Comfortable standing and walking for duration of shift
Able to lift and maneuver objects weighing a minimum of 25lbs (12kgs)

Last updated: February 15, 2022