Skill Development Modules

We offer short and longer-term training options that are industry based and demand driven.  Connect with us to learn about our computer training, certificate options and occupational specific skills development.

Administrative / Office Training

12 hours

The Administrative / Office training module is designed for OFE participants who are interested in working in an office environment. Participants will learn how to manage files and provide excellent customer service. The module includes typing practice, tailoring of resume and cover letter, data entry, time-management, inventory and ordering supplies. Learners will work on their communication skills and will participate in real-world scenarios in the administrative field.

CPR and First Aid

8 hours

This opportunity is offered in-person on a monthly basis at OFE. This eight hour session includes Basic Life Saver Level C CPR, AED and Emergency First Aid training. Participants receive a certificate of completion.  This module is available for job seekers with an employment goal that requires them to work closely with people in human services such as homecare, childcare and community living environments

Child Care Preparation Training

15 hours

The Child Care Preparation Training module is designed to equip OFE participants with basic knowledge and employability skills and introduce them to the early learning and child care sector. This introductory training comprises basic childcare duties; inclusion; behaviour management; emergent learning; observation, documentation and reflection; health and safety; accidents and incident reports; and child abuse protocol. It engages participants in multiple practical activities, reflective case studies, and in-depth discussions both in class and independently. Note: Individuals who secure work as a Child Care Assistant will be required to complete a 40 hour course within their first year of employment. This is not the 40 hour course.

Customer Service / Contact Centre Training

12 hours

The Contact Center training is designed to prepare participants for work as a Customer Care/Customer Service Representative. The module’s design includes email and phone etiquette, hands-on practice and feedback for skills that are required by employers such as understanding product manuals and database notes. It also includes, documenting customer-related information, locating information needed by customer and filling out necessary forms, calculating data needed by customers, speaking with customers on variety of topics related to the inquiry, identifying solutions to customers’ issues and using multiple devices (e.g.: computer, smart phone) to navigate through applications and websites to provide answers to customer inquiries.

Excel, Basic

15 hours

This module is designed for new spreadsheet learners or individuals who haven’t used spreadsheets for a few years. Participants in this beginner module will learn how to organize data and how to edit data within cells as well as how to format cells and create basic formulas. Learners will explore functions such as auto-fit, auto-fill and auto-calculate. Successful completion of Word, basic is a prerequisite for this module

Excel, Intermediate

15 hours

This module is especially effective for learners wanting to increase their knowledge of charts, references in formulas, and formatting when creating and utilizing spreadsheets. The fundamentals covered in this module include managing data in table form, relative and absolute references, charts, editing and printing and formulas & functions. Excel, basic is a prerequisite for this module. Applicants may challenge Excel, basic with an assessment at OFE.

Health Services Support Training (Direct Support Worker)

30 hours

This module series is designed to prepare participants to work as Direct Support Workers for persons with intellectual disabilities. This Occupational Specific Essential Skills module series aims to bridge the gap between the employers’ requirements and participants’ essential skills levels. The module is rich in hands-on, task-based activities and authentic materials that help participants enhance their skills in understanding agency policies and legislation in the sector, document use for reporting incidents, numeracy for budgeting and tracking residents’ expenses, oral communication for effective communication with residents and co-workers, and thinking skills for handling challenging situations.

Introduction to Computers

15 hours

This module is designed to increase a participant’s knowledge of the Windows operating system environment and prepare them for basic computer use. Fundamentals include operating systems, file management, file retrieval, file backups & security, document searches, accessing e-mail and how to print, save & retrieve information. This module is designed for people with little to no computer experience and serves as an important foundation for job seekers wishing to engage in other OFE programming, which requires basic computer literacy.

Lift Truck Theory

3 hours

Lift Truck Theory training is delivered online at OFE and provides participants with the theoretical components of safe forklift (lift truck) operation. Participants will receive theory on the principles of parts of lift trucks, pre-shift inspections, lift truck operation, load assessment, safety and parking procedures. Successful participants receive a Lift Truck Theory certificate from Safety Services Manitoba. Basic computer literacy such as using a mouse and typing simple information is required.

Manufacturing & Labour Training

15 hours

This module series is designed to prepare participants to work as Production Workers and Machine Operators and provides opportunities for participants to enhance their skills in reading for understanding policies and regulations as well as for following health and safety procedures, document use for effectively using work schedules, completing production-related tables, understanding product specifications on labels, dockets, work orders, etc., numeracy for measurement, estimation and counting, oral communication for effective communication with co-workers and supervisors, thinking skills for recognizing and troubleshooting production errors, and teamwork for effective cooperation with teammates.

Office and Customer Service Computer Training

30 hours

This training is provided to applicants of OFE’s Office and Customer Service Industry-Specific Occupational Essential Skills training who require foundational computer skills. Participants will learn how to manage files and search for and retrieve data while providing excellent customer service. This module includes daily typing practice aimed at increasing the speed and accuracy of data entry. Learners will participate in activities designed to simulate real-world experiences in the customer contact industry and other office-related jobs.

Retail & Hospitality Training

15 hours

This module series was designed to help participants enhance their skills related to a retail environment such as document use for using retail-specific documents, numeracy for calculating cash and discounts, oral communication for effectively communicating with customers, following good customer service practices, and thinking skills for addressing customer inquiries and concerns. The series consists of activities, discussions, and self-paced online training to facilitate learning. The participants are also prepared for employer interviews to increase their confidence to apply for various open retail jobs.

Smart Choices Responsible Service Certificate

3 hours

This online course is offered through OFE provides an opportunity for participants to access the training in an on-site classroom environment. Job seekers looking for work in hospitality would benefit from this training as it is mandatory in Manitoba for managers, servers and security personnel to complete the certification training prior to working in a licensed facility. A digital certificate is issued upon successful completion of the online training and assessment.

Upholstery – Occupational Specific Essential Skills Training

15 hours

The module series is designed to prepare participants to work as Upholsterers in furniture manufacturing companies. The module provides opportunities for participants to enhance their skills in workplace expectations, effective communication with their co-workers and supervisors, stress management and resilience, emotional intelligence, reading for understanding product specifications on labels, work orders, etc., numeracy for measurement, estimation and counting, thinking skills for recognizing and troubleshooting production errors, and teamwork for effective cooperation with teammates. Participants will learn about occupational specific tools, equipment, hardware, products, and safety procedures, and will enhance manual dexterity skills through hands-on activities.

Verbal Intervention (VI) Training

8 hours

This module is generally offered every four to six weeks at OFE and is delivered as a one day, eight hour session. Verbal Intervention (VI) Training prepares individuals to identify, respond to, and prevent low-risk crisis behavior with non-restrictive intervention techniques. This program instills the confidence and skills to verbally de-escalate disruptive behaviors.

Word, Basic

15 hours

This module is designed to increase the participant’s knowledge of word processing including the creation of basic documents, applying styles and formatting and editing documents. The fundamentals covered in this module include document setup techniques, formatting business letters, using font & paragraph tools, applying tabs, using spellcheck and printing documents. Learning the basic principles of word processing is valuable for many types of employment and it is extremely useful for job search activities such as cover letter creation and editing resumes.

Word, Intermediate

15 hours

This intermediate level of word processing, using Microsoft Word, is designed to increase the learner’s knowledge of tables, objects and symbols in workplace documents. The fundamentals of them module include applying styles, spacing, placing objects, inserting and formatting tables, using formulas and inserting and editing graphic objects and images. Having an intermediate knowledge of word processing software is useful for individuals seeking work in a variety of areas including office administration, warehouse work and customer service.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Regulation (WHMIS)

2 hours

WHMIS has been implemented across Canada by means of complementary federal and provincial legislation. WHMIS regulation applies to controlled products that are used, store or handled by any workplace covered by the Workplace Safety and Health Act (W210). WHMIS training is indicated for a worker who works with a controlled product or in proximity to a controlled product. OFE participants seeking work in manufacturing, industrial, warehousing or maintenance environments may have the opportunity to complete an online WHMIS course. WHMIS training at OFE is provided through SAFE Work Manitoba and participants receive a certificate from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

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