Employment Development Modules

These foundational modules are designed to increase work readiness, develop confidence and resolve uncertainty about working.    
Job seekers will explore workplace expectations and job retention concepts.

Canadian Workplace Culture

30 hours

The Canadian Workplace Culture module series is for people who have come to Canada as Refugees or as another type of Newcomer. Job seekers may take part in this module as part of their job search plan. The module introduces participants to the Canadian workplace in the context of business culture, employer expectations, communication and organizational behaviour.  
Engaging newcomers in our labour market is important to the growth of Manitoba’s strong and diversified economy.  A portion of the series focuses on cultural differences in job search practices and interview preparation. Participants also learn about employment standards in Manitoba and other employment-related practices in our local labour market.  This programming is funded by the United Way of Winnipeg.

Next Chapter

3 hours

This module assists participants as they make the transition from EIA to employment. Participants will identify areas where EIA is currently supporting them and will be given resources and strategies to help raise awareness of other supports available to them such as Rewarding Work Incentives and available community resources.  This module covers basic budgeting and provides many money saving ideas and supports available for individuals and families in Manitoba.

Work Readiness Orientation 1

3 hours

This module is designed to respond to the needs of participants who have self-identified or have been assessed as being in the contemplative stage of change or not being “ready and willing” to obtain and sustain full time employment. The module introduces the concept of the Stages of Change (SOC) and allows participants to engage in discussion and exercises designed to focus on the SOC concepts in relation to work readiness. Stages of Change is a proven effective tool in assisting with difficult behavior change. Participants will be able to recognize which stage of change they are currently in and explore their ambivalence to changing their job situation and to move forward within or between stages.

Work Readiness Orientation 2

3 hours

This module is designed to assist participants identified as in the Preparation stage of change to create and/or further explore their commitment toward obtaining and sustaining employment and to support the process. This module delves further into the concepts of the Stages of Change and allows participants to engage in discussions and exercises designed to focus on the Preparation stage of change. The module leader will apply various concepts from Motivational Interviewing to enhance participant discussion, development and progress.

Workplace Preparation

15 hours

Workplace Preparation (WPP) is a foundational module that highlights the importance and application of employability skills and is designed to foster work readiness and motivation. Job seekers will gain a broad understanding of workplace expectations and job retention strategies.  Topics covered include self-awareness, emotional intelligence, effective communication, goal setting, stress and time management, teamwork and problems solving. Job seekers are introduced to OFE’s Employability Passport, which is a tool used to provide feedback throughout the job search process.

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